• classification;
  • disability;
  • functioning;
  • ICIDH;
  • nursing diagnosis

Using ICIDH-2 in the classification of nursing diagnoses: results from two pilot studies

Background. As an International Classification of Functioning and Disability, the ICIDH-2 is potentially relevant to the work of all health care professionals. Nurses, however, had little involvement in the development of this classification and have no tradition of using it.

Aim. Two pilot studies were designed to explore the fit between ICIDH-2 and the nursing domain.

Methods. In the first study, experts (n=2) and nurses (n=9) were asked to identify and classify patient problems that they observed on a video taped case. In the second study, problem statements from nursing diagnoses (n=199) that had been retrieved from patient files were classified using ICIDH-2. Each problem statement was classified by a panel of three individuals.

Results and conclusion. Results from the two studies suggest that the ICIDH-2 is certainly relevant to the nursing discipline and allows a large majority of nursing diagnoses to be classified. It is recommended that nurses take an active role in the ongoing development of the ICIDH in order to further improve its usefulness to the nursing profession.

Limitations. The studies were small-scale pilots performed in a single medical centre. Preliminary insight resulted from these pilots, but more research is needed.