Differentiation between brewing and non-brewing yeasts using a combination of PCR and RFLP


H. Yamagishi, Brewing Research & Development Laboratory, Asahi Breweries, Ltd, 1–1-21, Midori, Moriya-machi, Kitasoma-gun, Ibaraki, 302–0106, Japan (e-mail:


In order to differentiate brewing from non-brewing yeasts, a specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which targeted the open reading frame of FLO1 was employed. Non-brewing yeasts include ‘non-brewing Saccharomyces yeasts’ and ‘non-Saccharomyces yeasts’. The molecular sizes of the PCR products differed between brewing and non-brewing Saccharomyces yeasts. No FLO1 PCR products were obtained from non-Saccharomyces yeasts. Specific PCR, using oligonucleotide primers that targeted the region between the 5S and 26S rRNA genes, could be used to differentiate brewing yeasts from some non-brewing yeasts. These PCR products were digested with restriction enzymes, Scr FI and Msp I. Different restriction profiles were obtained from brewing and non-brewing yeasts which could not be differentiated using specific PCR of rDNA. These results suggest that it is possible to identify brewing from non-brewing yeasts using specific PCR of FLO1 and rDNA, and detection of restriction fragment polymorphism of rDNA.