• continence;
  • continence nurse practitioners;
  • evidence-based clinical interventions;
  • nurse-led service

• The Leicestershire Medical Research Council (MRC) Incontinence Study is a series of interrelated studies exploring the epidemiology of urinary symptoms, including incontinence, and evaluating service provision and treatment options for these symptoms.

• This paper describes one aspect of the Leicestershire MRC Incontinence Study, namely the development, implementation and evaluation of a new nurse-led continence service.

• When developing a new service it is important to determine its acceptability and suitability to the target population.

• The new mode of service delivery was dependent on specially trained Continence Nurse Practitioners (CNP) delivering predefined evidence-based treatment interventions.

• Objective and subjective outcome measures were used to evaluate the service.

• The service was shown to be effective in reducing urinary symptoms and led to high levels of patient satisfaction.

• This service is currently being evaluated in a randomized controlled trial.