• communication;
  • handover;
  • patient participation;
  • surgical nursing

• Increasingly nowadays, patients have an opportunity to take part in nurses’ reporting sessions via bedside reporting.

• The aim of this study was to compare nurses’ and patients’ opinions of the purpose of bedside reports, patient participation in bedside reporting sessions, and factors that promote or prevent their participation.

• Data were collected by a questionnaire survey of nurses (N=118) and patients (N=74). A response rate of 81% was achieved in both groups. Additionally, 76 bedside reporting sessions were observed.

• According to patients, the main reasons for not participating were tiredness, difficulties in formulating questions, lack of encouragement, difficulties with the language used, nurses concentrating more on their papers than on them, and the reporting sessions were too short.

• Nurses reported that patients took a more active part in reporting sessions than patients themselves thought. The average time spent on each patient’s report was three minutes.