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Nurses’ first encounters with parents of new-born children – public health nurses’ views of a good meeting


A.Jansson Department of Nursing, Section of Caring Sciences, Lund University, PO Box 198, SE-221 00, Lund, Sweden. (tel.: +46 46 177015; fax: +46 46 2224704; e-mail:


•  The nurse’s view of the first meeting with parents of new-born children may have consequences for the quality of future contact. A good start will lay a solid foundation for a lasting relationship, and have an affect on the nurse’s work to support parents and children and to promote health. We do not know what nurses mean by a ‘good meeting’.

•  The aim of this study was to discover how nurses view the first meeting as a general preventive measure aimed at all parents and their new-born children.

•  Four focus groups interviews were held with nurses from different primary health care areas in the county of Skåne, southernmost Sweden.

•  Analysis of the content in the transcribed interview texts disclosed eight subcategories: good contact/reciprocal relationship; willingness to listen; guest/equal roles; time/peace and quiet; the family in its environment; socio-cultural aspects; confirmation/support; and individual advice.

•  Three categories were established: creating trust; creating a supportive climate; and creating a picture of the family’s life situation.

•  The home visit was seen as an important way to establish trust and obtain a picture of the family’s life situation, which was in turn essential for creating a supportive climate.