Nurses’ experiences of research utilization within the framework of an educational programme


Kerstin Nilsson Kajermo, Division of Nursing Research at Karolinska Hospital, Borgmästarvillan 1tr., Karolinska Hospital, S-171 76 Stockholm, Sweden (tel.: +46 8517 73120; fax: +46 8517 76095; e-mail:


• This paper explores nurses’ reflections on their experiences of disseminating and implementing research findings in clinical practice within the framework of an educational programme.

• Ten registered nurses, all in clinical practice, participated in a research-orientated educational programme with the aim of facilitating the dissemination and implementation of research findings in clinical practice. Thus, the programme contained different activities designed to disseminate and implement research findings in the participants’ wards.

• Focus groups were used to collect data and a qualitative content analysis was performed. The main themes that were developed were: organizational and leadership issues; acquiring a new role; responses and reactions by others; and orientation to research.

• Organizational and leadership issues, nurses’ interest in research, nurses’ reading habits, and support and feedback from their head nurses and other managers and from their nursing colleagues and physicians were seen as important.

• This study confirms that research utilization and the change to research-based nursing practice are complex issues which require both organizational and educational efforts.