• analogue functional analysis;
  • convergent validity;
  • Motivation Assessment Scale;
  • Questions About Behavioral Function scale


The present study examined the convergent validity of the Questions About Behavioral Function (QABF) scale, a behavioural checklist for assessing variables maintaining aberrant behaviour, with analogue functional analyses and the Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS). The two checklists were more highly correlated with each other than either checklist with results from the analogue sessions, and the QABF was more highly correlated with analogue sessions than the MAS. Using analogue sessions, the experimenters failed to ascertain behavioural function for a number of subjects because the behaviour problems in question were low frequency/high intensity and failed to appear during the course of the analysis, pointing out a limitation of this technology. These findings, taken together with recent research outlining the psychometric properties of the QABF, seem to support the use of the QABF in a hierarchical model of functional analysis. The implications of the findings are discussed.