Teachers of nursing—presenting a new model of practice


L. M. Burke School of Health and Social Care South Bank University 103 Borough Road London SE1 OAA UK


In this paper a new model of practice for nurse teachers is presented. In this model the teacher is identified as an advanced practitioner of nursing but, as an advanced practitioner who specializes in education—in all contexts and across all environments where education and training are taking place. It is also a model of practice-based education which is negotiated, balanced and neither dominated by service or by education, it can be seen as responding to the demands of service and higher education, but not dictated by them. It emphasizes the importance of clinical practice as an essential part of the role of the teacher because, as nurses we are all involved in the practice of nursing. The paper begins by exploring the main issues that impinge upon and continue to affect the development of the teachers role. It then examines the teacher’s new role in the practice area and as an academic specialist and, finally, looks at the structures and conditions that will be necessary to support this role.