Management from four different perspectives


Lindholm Centre of Caring Sciences University of Lund Post Box 198 S 222 00 Lund Sweden


Aim This study intended to illuminate nursing management in a developing organization from the perspectives of nurse managers, chief physicians, hospital directors and politicians.Background Increased responsibility in a changing health care system makes it important that nurses occupy advantageous positions so that they may safeguard and facilitate the development of their core area.

Methods Open-ended taped interviews were conducted with 15 nurse managers, 11 chief physicians, three hospital directors and three politicians from three Swedish cities.

Findings The main theme found was power and three dependent themes were identified as; power within activities, being in power and freedom to act.

Conclusion The four professional groups related their opinion of nursing management to the needs and interests of their own group. Acceptance or nonacceptance between the groups was discussed in terms of the concept of knowledge, which was interpreted as being a more acceptable topic for discussion than the phenomenon of power.