• conceptual framework;
  • interprofessional practice;
  • leadership;
  • learning disability;
  • practitioner experience

One of the key challenges for practitioners in present day health and social care has been responding effectively in the interprofessional teamwork setting, where collaboration is at the centre of professional activity. For whilst practitioners are expected to work interprofessionally there often remains limited attention to the actual process of interprofessional practice itself, within organizational strategy, local workforce development planning and individual continuing professional development. These concerns were a driver for this research with practitioners in the field of learning disability which resulted in the development of a conceptual framework for interprofessional practice. This paper sets out the process of conceptual framework development, underpinned by the concepts of knowledge of learning disabilities, contextual socialisation, empowerment, conflict management, transforming capability and interprofessional reflection on action. The researcher suggests that the framework may offer clinical leaders in learning disabilities and a range of other practice settings a tool to facilitate individual practitioner development, enabling as it does, the identification of a range of critical factors which impact on the outcomes of interprofessional practice intervention.