Recruitment of ZipA to the division site by interaction with FtsZ


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ZipA is an essential cell division protein in Escherichia coli that is recruited to the division site early in the division cycle. As it is anchored to the membrane and interacts with FtsZ, it is a candidate for tethering FtsZ filaments to the membrane during the formation of the Z ring. In this study, we have investigated the requirements for ZipA localization to the division site. ZipA requires FtsZ, but not FtsA or FtsI, to be localized, indicating that it is recruited by FtsZ. Consistent with this, apparently normal Z rings are formed in the absence of ZipA. The interaction between FtsZ and ZipA occurs through their carboxy-terminal domains. Although a MalE–ZipA fusion binds to FtsZ filaments, it does not affect the GTPase activity or dynamics of the filaments. These results are consistent with ZipA acting after Z ring formation, possibly to link the membrane to FtsZ filaments during invagination of the septum.