Fig. S1. Microarray analysis for the WT and the four Tbd? mutants. Data (Tbd? mutant/WT) are shown for all ESTs that meet both the initial filter criteria for good spot quality (Ch1 net mean < 250 and Cy-5/Cy-3 < 0.1) and the criteria for data reproducibility, average deviation > 40% of the mean [(avg dev/avg) > 0.40]. Fig. S2. Relative expression levels (Tbd? mutant/WT) are clustered by the Ctoxoqual/contig numbers and shown with the SEM for each contig. The genes that have reduced expression in Tbd? are listed numerically under 'Decreased in Tbd? mutant/WT' and followed by the numerical listing of all the contig numbers that do not fit this criteria (i.e. have WT or increased levels in Tbd? mutants compared with WT parasites) listed under 'Not significantly decreased'.

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