Stability of partial resistance in potato cultivars exposed to aggressive strains of Phytophthora infestans


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Potato cultivars were evaluated for their resistance responses to aggressive strains of Phytophthora infestans in field and laboratory experiments. Analysis of variance revealed differential cultivar-by-isolate interactions for both foliar and tuber blight resistance. Differential responses occur as revealed by specific susceptibilities of cultivars to certain pathogen genotypes and changing rank order. In general, severity of late blight epidemics as observed in the haulms did not correlate well with foliar blight resistance ratings as presented in the National List of Recommended Potato Varieties. No significant correlation was found between tuber blight incidence under field conditions and the tuber blight rating in the National List. Also, there was no relation between the field and laboratory tuber blight resistance assessments. A significant association was demonstrated between late blight infection in the foliage and tuber blight incidence under field conditions. The presence of differential interaction, independent of R-gene-based resistance, indicates some adaptation of P. infestans to partial resistance and consequently adverse effects on the stability and durability of partial resistance to potato late blight.