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Bioclastic sediment lobes on a supply dominated Upper Cretaceous carbonate platform margin, Montagna della Maiella, Italy



A thick bioclastic sediment wedge was deposited on the slope of the Maiella carbonate platform margin in the Late Campanian to Late Maastrichtian. The wedge consists of lobate depositional units (laterally and vertically convex structures). The complex internal geometries of the lobes combine characteristics of unidirectional sandwaves and the alternating point-sources of deltas. Excellent outcrop permits a detailed documentation and discussion of the depositional processes.

The sediment wedge constitutes a supersequence, which prograded along the platform margin as a result of high sediment supply and forced regression. Within the supersequence, a hierarchy of higher-order stratigraphic units (sequence sets and sequences) are developed. The individual bioclastic sediment lobes are interpreted as systems tracts and parasequences of the sequences within the sequence sets.