The Arabidopsis cyclin-dependent kinase gene cdc2bAt is preferentially expressed during S and G2 phases of the cell cycle


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Cell cycle progression is regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). Arabidopsis thaliana contains two cdk genes, cdc2aAt and cdc2bAt. This paper compares the developmental and cell cycle phase-dependent transcription of both cdk genes. In situ hybridizations revealed that cdc2bAt steady-state mRNAs, much like cdc2aAt, are found both in meristematic cells and cells with a high proliferative competence. Cdc2aAt is expressed in every meristematic cell whereas cdc2bAt is found to be expressed in a patchy pattern. An even smaller number of meristematic cells express the mitotic cyc1At. These data indicate that cdc2bAt and cyc1At mRNAs accumulate in a particular cell cycle phase in agreement with evidence provided by hybridization experiments of flow cytometry-sorted nuclei and the use of cell cycle blockers on roots. The data indicate that cdc2bAt is preferentially expressed in S and G2 phases whereas cdc2aAt expression is constitutive throughout the cell cycle, as shown previously. The existence of two distinct CDK classes in plants is proposed: (i) constitutively expressed CDKs containing a PSTAIRE motif (e.g. cdc2aAt) and (ii) CDKs with divergent motifs which are expressed during a limited interval of the cell cycle (e.g. cdc2bAt).