GAMYB is an MYB transcription factor which is expressed in cereal aleurone cells in response to gibberellin (GA). HvGAMYB binds to the TAACAAA box of a high-pI α-amylase gene promoter and transcriptionally activates its expression. In this study, we examined the role of HvGAMYB in activating expression of other GA-regulated genes encoding hydrolytic enzymes. In transient expression experiments, HvGAMYB transactivated expression of reporter genes fused to a low-pI α-amylase gene promoter, an EII(1–3,1–4)-β-glucanase gene promoter and a cathepsin B-like protease promoter. HvGAMYB DNA binding specificity was determined using a PCR-based random site selection using HvGAMYB fusion protein isolated fromE. coli. The deduced consensus closely resembled gibberellin response elements in α-amylase promoters. Functional analysis of HvGAMYB by transient expression of C terminal HvGAMYB deletions in barley aleurone cells identified two transcriptional activation domains (TADs) which function in transcriptional regulation of both high- and low-pI α-amylase promoters. The same TADs were identified using a heterologous yeast expression system. Together, these results indicate that HvGAMYB has two TADs. These domains are C-terminal to its DNA-binding domain.