• adverse effects;
  • blood donors;
  • blood letting;
  • haematoma

A study was undertaken to determine the incidence of bruising among blood donors and to analyse their response to the management of this complication. A total of 52 510 donors were bled at 476 consecutive donor sessions held by the Brentwood Centre during a 4-month period. Of these, 344 donors (0.66%) were found to have developed bruises following venepuncture. The incidence of bruising among males was 0.35% and that among females was 0.98%.  All bruised donors were managed by the Centre nursing and medical staff. One hundred and sixty-one donors informed the Centre that they were fully satisfied with the way their bruising was managed. Of 329 bruised donors who remained in the panel, 249 (75.7%) attended subsequent blood donor sessions in response to routine invitations, showing that the majority of bruised donors continued to donate blood. This response was compared with that of a control group of donors who did not develop any complications and there was no significant difference in the return rates between the two groups.