Comparison of two diagnostic tests for canine atopy using monoclonal anti-IgE antibodies

Authors Weck CMG Heska Allergy Products, 16 Grand Places, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland.


In 66 dogs of various races consulting the veterinary clinic for skin problems suspicious of atopic dermatitis, parallel skin tests with two commercial brands of allergens and serological tests with the CMG IMMUNODOT system and with an ELISA assay using monoclonal anti-IgE antibodies were performed. The most frequent sensitivities found were towards house dust (44%) and storage mites (50%). Depending upon the cut-off point chosen, the CMG IMMUNODOT test was shown to have sensitivity, in respect to the skin test, varying from 54 to 100%, in an inverse relationship to specificity. The ELISA assay was found to be slightly less sensitive. These investigations also revealed some major discrepancies in skin test results among allergen extracts of different origins, confirming that skin test results should no longer be considered as the sole ‘gold standard’ in diagnosis of IgE-mediated allergy. The experience gained confirms that modern serological tests using monoclonal anti-IgE antibodies for detection of allergen-specific IgEs in the dog are useful in the diagnosis of dog allergy.