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Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of marbofloxacin (Zeniquin) tablets for the treatment of canine pyoderma: an open clinical trial


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The efficacy and field safety of marbofloxacin (Zeniquin) for the treatment of superficial and deep bacterial pyoderma were evaluated. Seventy-two dogs were treated with 2.75 mg kg−1 of marbofloxacin orally once daily for 21 or 28 days. Sixty-two dogs (86%) had superficial pyoderma and 10 (14%) had deep pyoderma. A history of prior pyoderma was reported in 39/72 dogs. Pretreatment aerobic bacteriologic cultures of skin lesions were performed in 47 cases and the predominant pathogen isolated was Staphylococcus intermedius. Treatment was successful in 62/72 (86.1%) dogs, improvement was noted in 6/72 (8.3%) dogs and treatment failed in 4/72 (5.6%) dogs. Adverse effects associated with treatment included listlessness, anorexia, vomiting, soft stool, flatulence and polydipsia; these adverse effects were seen in only 6/81 dogs. Marbofloxacin was safe and effective for the treatment of superficial and deep pyoderma in dogs at the dosage used in this study.

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