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Treatment of larva migrans cutanea (creeping eruption): a comparison between albendazole and traditional therapy


Giancarlo Albanese, md
Divisione Dermosifilopatica, Micologia e Dermatologia Tropicale
Via Donizetti, 106
20052 Monza (MI)
Drug names
albendazole: Albenza (USA), Zentel (Italy)



Background  Creeping eruption (CE), which is characteristic of tropical and subtropical regions, is being increasingly frequently observed in Italy. The presence on the beaches of stray animals infected by nematodes of the Ancylostoma species favors contact between human skin and the larva-infested soil.

Materials and methods  Our experience with 56 patients (13 cryotherapy, one thiabendazole together with cryotherapy, six thiabendazole, two albendazole with cryotherapy, and 34 albendazole) is described.

Results  A prompt and definitive cure was achieved in all 56 patients. The therapeutic effectiveness of the various methods used is therefore equivalent.

Conclusions  We believe that albendazole should be considered the first choice for treatment. It is extremely well tolerated and patient compliance is good.