A simple surgical technique for the treatment of steatocystoma multiplex


Tamer Irfan Kaya, MD
Mersin Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi Hastanesi
Dermatoloji Anabilim Dali
33070 Zeytinlibahçe
E-mail: tikaya@mersin.edu.tr



Background  Since steatocystoma multiplex is an uncommon disorder, its treatment has not been discussed in detail in the textbooks and surgical excision is the most commonly mentioned method. In this article, we describe a very simple surgical technique, which was developed by modifying previous reports.

Methods  A 29-year-old woman, diagnosed clinically and histologically as steatocystoma multiplex, was treated with this modified technique. We punctured the cysts under local anesthesia with a sharp-tipped cautery point and evacuated the contents by squeezing the cyst with a fine forceps. Then, the cyst wall was grasped by the forceps and the sacs were extracted through small holes. More than 50 cysts were treated.

Results  The treatment was well tolerated by the patient. No complications developed during or after the procedure. After 14 months follow up no recurrences were observed and the results were cosmetically excellent.

Conclusions  This modified technique is very simple and time saving. Its cosmetic and long-term results are successful. We believe that it must be considered as the treatment of choice for steatocystoma multiplex.