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UBVI CCD photometry of M35 (NGC 2168)



UBVI CCD photometry has been obtained for the intermediate-age open cluster M35 (NGC 2168). From this new photometry we derived the cluster parameters (V0MV= 9.60 ± 0.10 mag, E(BV) = 0.255 ± 0.024 mag), age (log tage=8.3 ±0.3) and a photometric abundance (Z≈ 0.008, i.e. [Fe/H] ≈− 0.3) from comparison with theoretical isochrones of the Padova group. A minimum binary frequency (35 ± 5 per cent) was estimated from the distribution of distance moduli of unevolved proper motion members. Faint photometric members were selected by using differences in the reddening effect on colour indices.

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