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Abundances in Przybylski's star


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We have derived abundances for 54 elements in the extreme roAp star HD 101065. ESO spectra with a resolution of about 80 000, and S/N of 200 or more were employed. The adopted model has Teff=6600 K, and log(g)=4.2. Because of the increased line opacity and consequent low gas pressure, convection plays no significant role in the temperature structure. Lighter elemental abundances through the iron group scatter about standard abundance distribution (SAD) (solar) values. Iron and nickel are about one order of magnitude deficient while cobalt is enhanced by 1.5 dex. Heavier elements, including the lanthanides, generally follow the solar pattern but enhanced by 3 to 4 dex. Odd-Z elements are generally less abundant than their even-Z neighbours. With a few exceptions (e.g. Yb), the abundance pattern among the heavy elements is remarkably coherent, and resembles a displaced solar distribution.