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Confirmation of three candidate Galactic supernova remnants from GMRT observations


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We report 327-MHz observations of three large (>15 arcmin) candidate supernova remnants (SNRs) at high Galactic latitudes using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). These objects were proposed by Duncan et al. as candidate SNRs in the Parkes 2.4-GHz survey. We detect extended 327-MHz emission in all three fields. G356.2+4.5 has a well-resolved shell of emission. This field also contains a 32-mJy pulsar situated at a distance of 1.4 kpc as derived from the dispersion measure of the pulsar. The field of G358.0+3.8 is highly confused and, although we confirm the presence of a partial ring, it has a lower signal-to-noise ratio detection. G004.8+6.2 (formerly G4.5+6.2) is located approximately 40 arcmin away from Kepler's SNR. Apart from GMRT observations of this field, this SNR lies in the field of view of a Very Large Array (VLA) D-array observation at 325 MHz and we detect a 17×18 arcmin SNR, possibly of shell morphology. All these fields show clear, well-resolved shells in the National Radio Astronomy Observatory/VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) maps, which are also presented.