• stars: distances;
  • stars: early-type;
  • stars: fundamental parameters;
  • open clusters and associations: individual: Cr 121

The distribution of bright B-type stars in a field with a radius of 5° centred at the Galactic open cluster Cr 121 is studied utilizing Strömgren and Hβ photometry. All PPM stars earlier than spectral type A0 are used, revealing a loose nearby structure at a distance of 660–730 pc, and a compact more distant group, which appears to be a genuine cluster: Cr 121. Based on similar coordinates, distances and positions on the colour–magnitude (CM) and Hertzsprung–Russell (HR) diagrams, 11 photometric cluster members are selected at a mean distance of 1085(±41 standard error) pc. The results are discussed in the light of both classical and Hipparcos points of view.