• galaxies: individual: Antlia;
  • galaxies: kinematics and dynamics;
  • galaxies: Local Group

We present the results of a Very Large Telescope observing programme carried out in service mode using fors1 on ANTU (UT1) in long slit mode to determine the optical velocities of nearby low surface brightness galaxies. Outlying Local Group galaxies are of paramount importance in placing constraints on the dynamics and thus on both the age and the total mass of the Local Group. Optical velocities are also necessary to determine if the observations of H i gas in and around these systems are the result of gas associated with these galaxies or a chance superposition with high-velocity H i clouds or the Magellanic Stream. The data were of a sufficient signal-to-noise ration to enable us to obtain a reliable result in one of the galaxies we observed – Antlia – for which we have found an optical heliocentric radial velocity of 351±15 km s−1.