A search for giant pulses in Vela-like pulsars




We have carried out a survey for ‘giant pulses’ in six young, Vela-like pulsars. In no cases did we find single pulses with flux densities more than 10 times the mean flux density. However, in PSR B1706–44 we have detected giant micro-pulses very similar to those seen in the Vela pulsar. In PSR B1706–44 these giant micro-pulses appear on the trailing edge of the profile and have an intrinsic width of ∼1 ms. The cumulative probability distribution of their intensities is best described by a power law. If the power law continues to higher intensities, then 3.7×106 rotations are required to obtain a pulse with 20× the mean pulse flux. This number is similar to the giant pulse rate in PSR B1937+21 and PSR B1821–24 but significantly higher than that for the Crab.