The comet Halley meteoroid stream: just one more model




The present attempt to simulate the formation and evolution of the comet Halley meteoroid stream is based on a tentative physical model of dust ejection of large particles from comet Halley. Model streams consisting of 500–5000 test particles have been constructed according to the following ejection scheme. The particles are ejected from the nucleus along the cometary orbit (r < 9 au) within the sunward 70° cone, and the rate of ejection has been taken as proportional to r−4. Two kinds of spherical particles have been considered: 1 and 0.001 g with density equal to 0.25 g cm−3. Ejections have been simulated for 1404 bc, 141 ad and 837 ad. The equations of motion have been numerically integrated using the Everhart procedure. As a result, a complicated fine structure of the comet Halley meteoroid stream, consisting not of filaments but of layers, has been revealed.