Distribution, habitats and host plants of the cherry bark tortrix, Enarmonia formosana (Scopoli) in the Czech Republic (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)



Distribution of the cherry bark tortrix, Enarmonia formosana (Scopoli) (=CBT) was determined by detecting the presence of their frass tubes on the trunk of rosaceous shrubs and trees throughout the Czech Republic. Tree disjunctive areas of CBT were indicated in the country. The overall distribution of CBT approximates the annual isothermes 8–9 °C and 10–11 °C, but a number of zonal exceptions were also determined. The occurrence of CBT on sweet cherry, Prunus avium (L.) was the key target association, but P. armeniaca L., P. cerasus L., P. divaricata Ledeb., P. domestica L., P. persica L., and P. serrulata Lindley were also identified on the distributional map.