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Contributions to the knowledge of conifer aphid fauna in Turkey and their zoogeographical distribution



The Aphidoidea (Homoptera) has 29 species which attack coniferous trees in Turkey. The family Aphididae has 25 (Aphidinae, 1; Lachninae, 22; Mindarinae, 2) species and the Adelgidae, 4. The tribe Cinarini in Lachninae has alone 22 species most of which are important. Especially Cinara cedri Mimeur on Cedrus libani and C. pilicornis (Hartig) on Picea spp. are harmful species. Schizolachnus pineti (Fabricius) is also very important. An Eastern Palearctic species in the tribe Macrosiphini in Aphidinae, Elatobium momii (Shinji), is numerous on Abies bornmülleriana in Bursa-Uludağ forests. Pineus orientalis (Dreyfus) in the family of Adelgidae (Chermesidae) is the most destructive in our Picea orientalis forests in Artvin area (Eastern Black-Sea Section). 21 species out of 29 aphids on coniferous trees are of European origin; only 4 are Mediterranean, 2 Caucasus and Turkistan, one Eastern Palearctic and one of Cosmopolitan origin.