A multimedia program, a non-linear system which supplements the traditional, linear way of learning (e.g. with a text book), was developed. Non-linear systems allow the direct use of information in a free sequence. A problem of these systems is the danger that the reader becomes lost in detail. Therefore, a program was constructed which tries to combine the properties of linear and non-linear teaching systems. Student groups were continuously involved during all stages of the project.

The program is organized in several levels. These are: (1) choice of chapters; (2) table of contents of one chapter; (3) summary; (4) text and (5) pictures, animations, simulations and video sequences.

The program can be used in different ways. In the linear mode, the reader selects via action words different levels of the program. The user can read either only on the level of the summaries or on detailed information (text, pictures, simulations and videos). In the non-linear mode the user jumps via menu items or buttons to selected pictures, simulations or a searched term. In this way, more than 3500 screen pages are integrated into a multimedia program for veterinary physiology. The program is written in toolbook®, and can be used on a personal computer with Windows 95® or higher.