Molecular mapping of major genes and quantitative trait loci determining flowering time in response to photoperiod in barley


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  • Communicated by R. Koebner


Two major genes (eam8 and eam10) and two quantitative trait loci (QTL) determining flowering time in barley were associated with restriction fragment length polymorphism markers. The loci eam8 and eam10 were found to map in regions of chromosomes 1HL and 3HL, respectively, already estimated from previous classical linkage analyses. While investigating doubled haploid lines of a spring habit barley mapping population, two QTL for flowering time were detected on chromosomes 1HL and 7HS, respectively, when the material was grown under long photoperiod conditions. When growing the same lines under short photoperiod, no QTL were discernible. Allelic and homoeologous relationships with flowering time loci described earlier in barley and other Triticeae species are discussed.