• agriculture;
  • farming;
  • injury;
  • safety


The aim of the study was to provide information about the type and severity of farming injury. Data were collected from industrial members of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, using a valid and reliable self administered retrospective questionnaire covering the previous 2 years. A total of 506 responses were obtained, with 38% indicating there had been at least one injury sustained on their farm during this period. Of those reporting an injury, 18% were admitted, 30% attended an Emergency Department, 43% of injuries were seen by GPs at their surgery, 4% received first aid on the farm, 4% reported no treatment and 2% utilised another source. The results suggest that the sheep industries bear a disproportionate amount of the injury burden (30.5%) within Tasmanian agriculture. Information from this study can be used by other agricultural and health stakeholders to provide direction about the development of appropriate farm injury prevention strategies within rural communities in Tasmania.