Perceptions and expectations of Baccalaureate-prepared nurses in Jordan: Community survey


Wasileh Petro-Nustas, Dean of Nursing, Hashemite University, Faculty of Nursing, PO Box 13133, Zarka, Jordan. Email:


The overall purpose of this paper is to describe the process of utilizing community participation for curriculum design to develop a new school of nursing. A brief Community Needs Assessment Survey was carried out in order to explore community perceptions and expectations of Baccalaureate-prepared nurses in Jordan. The sample consisted of 152 participants who were staff nurses, nurse administrators, nurse supervisors, nurse educators, physicians, pharmacists and consumers of services. Data were collected through a self-administered survey form using open-ended questions. Participants were asked to describe their perceptions of nursing and nurses, the desired professional skills and personal characteristics of the Baccalaureate-prepared nurse, important curriculum contents and to provide suggestions or comments for improving the preparation of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) nurses. The findings indicated that nursing was viewed as a caring profession where nurses care for the person both in sickness and health. Several professional skills and personal characteristics emerged as being important for the BSN nurse, including clinical competence, the desire to continue learning, communication skills, ethical and moral character, critical thinking, assessment skills, and computer and English-language skills. The participants provided the desired curriculum contents and suggestions related to the expected skills. Implications for nursing education were discussed.