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Comprehensive measurement of maternal satisfaction: The modified Mason Survey


  • Maree Johnson RN, PhD,

  • Rachel Langdon BAppSc, BA,

  • Lian Yong RN, CM, DNE, BA(Ed), FCN, IBCLC, ACMI,

  • Helen Stewart RN, CM, BHealthSc(Mgt), AFCHSE, ACMI,

  • Pauline Kelly RN, CM, ACMI, InfantFamHlthCert

Correspondence: Professor Maree Johnson, Centre for Applied Nursing Research, Locked Bag 7103, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871, Australia. Email:


A three-stage process was undertaken to identify and modify a tool that was capable of measuring the many aspects of maternal satisfaction relevant to Australian women. First, the scope of maternal satisfaction to be measured was defined by summarizing available literature and surveys purporting to measure maternal satisfaction (including surveys used in maternity services in New South Wales). The multidimensional nature of maternal satisfaction was confirmed, with 16 core aspects (common to the literature and local surveys) and nine additional unique aspects of maternal satisfaction being identified. Second, these core and additional aspects were used to examine the comprehensiveness of the Mason Survey, a survey recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia for use in maternity services. Eighty-eight per cent of the core and additional aspects (22/25) were found to be present in the Mason Survey. Third, an expert panel further modified the Mason Survey by removing items not applicable to the Australian context. The modified Mason Survey is a comprehensive measure of maternal satisfaction suitable for Australian women and capable of providing valuable information on the quality of services and future planning for maternity services.