• caring;
  • nurse-patient relationship;
  • older people;
  • person-centred;
  • values

This paper presents a conceptual framework for person-centred practice with older people. The research from which the framework was developed was guided by hermeneutic philosophy and integrated processes of conversation analysis and reflective conversation in data collection and analysis. The research findings suggested that nurses need to be able to particularize the person that the patient is, the relationship that exists between them and the patient, and the understandings and expectations implicit in the relationship. From these findings a conceptual framework for person-centred practice was developed. In the framework, person-centredness is premised on the concept of authentic consciousness and is operationalized through five imperfect duties. The factors that enable person-centredness to operate in practice are identified as the patient's values, the nurse's values and the context of the care environment. Considerations for implementing the model in practice are highlighted.