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Risks for unplanned hospital readmission in a teaching hospital in southern Taiwan


School of Nursing, Chung Hua College of Medical Technology, 89 Wen-Hwa 1st street, Ren-Der county, 717 Tainan Hsien, Taiwan ROC. Email:


The purpose of this study was to assess and analyse hospital readmission and its risk factors for patients who were visited by a discharge planning coordinator during hospitalization in a teaching hospital located in southern Taiwan. Results found that 67 patients (5.7%) were readmitted within 14 days of discharge during the data collection period. Twenty-eight patients (41.8%) were readmitted because of complications. Patients’ previous diagnoses and complications were two major reasons for patients to be re-hospitalized within 14 days of discharge. In addition, significant predictors for unplanned hospital readmission within 14 days of discharge were patients who received care from home health care nurses or hospice home health care nurses.