Nurses as patients: The voyage of discovery


K. Zeitz Education and Training Consultant, Nursing Agency of South Australia, PO Box 71, Parkholme, South Australia 5043, Australia. Fax: +618 82771628; Email: <>


To facilitate an enhanced understanding of the experience of being a patient, an inquiry was undertaken into the experience of nurses receiving nursing care when hospitalized. Using a hermeneutic–phenomenological approach, an exploration was undertaken of registered nurses’ interpretations of their experiences of receiving nursing care, as described in their individual stories. By interpreting the text generated by the inquiry, it was possible to explore the uniqueness and commonalities of these experiences. This resulted in 10 themes that exemplified the nurses’ experiences. The interpretation uncovered the voice of the nurse in the experience of being a patient, insight into how patients perceive being a patient and reflections by the nurse–patients on quality nursing care. This research has provided insight into the value of the relationship between the nurse and the patient and insight into the significance of the nature of care delivery.