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Staff nurses' role in long-term care hospitals in Israel: Nurses' perspective


Correspondence: Dr Tova Hendel Nursing Department, School of Health Professions, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel; Fax: 972 3-6409496; email:


The research focused on the staff nurse's (SN) role and aimed at identifying how SNs and superiors perceive the SN's role dimensions in long-term care (LTC) at the turn of the century. The research sample included 32 registered SNs and 46 superiors from four LTC hospitals in Israel. Data were collected using two questionnaires developed by the researchers for an earlier study. Findings indicated a process of change in the traditional perception of the SN's role but reflected the performing of only partial integrative patterns of the role, as against what was expected and needed in the new marketplace. No significant differences in the perception of the SN's desired role and required role competencies were found between the two groups. However, significant differences were found between the groups in the perception of the actual role, mainly in performing activities of managerial and social content.