Pre-excitation syndrome secondary to cardiac rhabdomyomas in tuberous sclerosis


  • C Mas, MD, Paediatric Cardiology Fellow. DJ Penny, MD, MRCP, Paediatric Cardiology Fellow. S Menahem, MD, MEd, MPM, FRACP, FACC, Head, Paediatric Cardiology Unit. Current addresses: C Mas, Hospital Nal de Ninos, San Jose, Costa Rica. DJ Penny, Paediatric Intensive Care, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH, United Kingdom.

Correspondence: Prof.SamuelMenahem Department of Paediatrics, Monash Medical Centre, 246 Clayton Road, Clayton 3168, Victoria, Australia. Fax: (03) 9345 6001


Abstract: Rhabdomyomas are not uncommon in infants with tuberous sclerosis. We describe a neonate who presented with hydrops fetalis arising from a tachyarrhythmia during fetal life related to rhabdomyomas. After reversion of the arrhythmia, pre-excitation was noted on an interval electrocardiogram. Following regression of the tumours, the delta wave disappeared with no further arrhythmias noted.