• astroblastoma;
  • intracytoplasmic vacuole;
  • lipomatous differentiation;
  • signet-ring-like cell

We report a case of astroblastoma with unusual signet-ring-like cell components. A 33-year-old-woman presented with occasional partial seizures of the face. Radiological studies revealed an enhanced frontal mass lesion. At surgery, a gray, soft, well-circumscribed mass was seen and shelled out. Histologically, the tumor showed a perivascular arrangement and papillary-like patterns with compact cellularity. The tumor cells radiating from the hyalinized vessels showed broader, shorter, less tapered processes. A part of each tumor cell displayed prominent islands of signet-ring-like cells. Glial fibrillary acidic protein reaction revealed strongly positive staining of tumor cells and signet-ring-like cells. Eight years after the operation the patient remains well with no tumor recurrence. It remains to be determined whether, in this astroblastoma, the unusual signet-ring-like cell components were related to benign biological characteristics or to the tumor's low-grade form with incidental signet-ring-like cell appearance.