• melatonin polysomnography;
  • REM sleep behavior disorder;
  • tonic REM activity phasic REM activity


Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a parasomnia with clinical symptoms that include punching, kicking, yelling and leaping out of bed in sleep. Polysomnographic (PSG) finding showed REM sleep without muscle atonia. Clonazepam is generally used for treating RBD symptoms but melatonin was reported to be effective so we reconfirmed the effect of melatonin on RBD patients in the present study. We used melatonin (3–9 mg/day) which could ameliorate problem sleep behaviors remarkably, as well as %tonic activity in PSG variables. In the present study, melatonin was reconfirmed to be effective in RBD symptoms, especially for patients with low melatonin secretion, while its mechanism was not clearly known in the present study.