Volume 57, Number 1, February 2003

 1 Editorial

Review Articles

 3 Pathogenesis of schizophrenia: Part I. Symptomatology, cognitive characteristics and brain morphology M. Kurachi

 9 Pathogenesis of schizophrenia: Part II. Temporo-frontal two-step hypothesis M. Kurachi

Regular Articles

 17 Minor physical anomalies in childhood and adolescent onset schizophrenia K. Hata, J. Iida, H. Iwasaka, H. Negoro, F. Ueda and T. Kishimoto

 23 Cenesthopathy in adolescence H. Watanabe, T. Takahashi, T. Tonoike, M. Suwa and K. Akahori

 31 Tumor necrosis factor-β gene polymorphism may not be associated with major depressive disorder in the Korean population T.-Y. Jun, C.-U. Pae, J.-H. Chae, W.-M. Bahk, K.-S. Kim, C.-W. Pyo and H. Han

 37 Alcohol dehydrogenase-2 and aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 genotypes and male alcohol use disorders in Khon Kaen, north-east Thailand R. Osaka, S. Nanakorn, R. Sakata, A. Nishiyori, A. Shibata, J. Nakamura and K. Fukuda

 47 Clinical features in two cases with musical obsessions who successfully responded to clomipramine T. Matsui, H. Matsunaga, K. Ohya, Y. Iwasaik, K. Koshimune, A. Miyata and N. Kiriike

 53 Actigraphic assessment of the circadian rest–activity rhythm in elderly patients hospitalized in an acute care unit S. Vinzio, A. Ruellan, A.-E. Perrin, J.-L. Schlienger and B. Goichot

 59 Correlation between electroencephalography and heart rate variability during sleep M. Ako, T. Kawara, S. Uchida, S. Miyazaki, K. Nishihara, J. Mukai, K. Hirao, J. Ako and Y. Okubo

 67 Features of obsessive–compulsive disorder in patients primarily diagnosed with schizophrenia M. Ohta, M. Kokai and Y. Morita

 75 Psychosocial adjustment among pediatric cancer patients and their parents C.-C. Chao, S.-H. Chen, C.-Y. Wang, Y.-C. Wu and C.-H. Yeh

 83 A naturalistic study of risperidone treatment in seven affiliated university hospitals in Korea W.-M. Bahk, C.-U. Pae, J.-H. Chae, K.-S. Kim, T.-Y. Jun, J. Tsoh, D.-J. Kim, C.-T. Lee, C. Lee, S.-I. Han, B.-M. Choi, J.-H. Han and H.-J. Go

 91 Psychological factors and survival after bone marrow transplantation in patients with leukemia R. Akaho, T. Sasaki, S.-I. Mori, H. Akiyama, M. Yoshino, K. Hagiya, K. Nakagome and H. Sakamaki

 97 Long-, intermediate- and short-acting benzodiazepine effects on human sleep EEG spectra X. Tan, S. Uchida, M. Matsuura, K. Nishihara and T. Kojima

105 Psychological distress among evacuees of a volcanic eruption in Japan: A follow-up study Y. Ohta, K. Araki, N. Kawasaki, Y. Nakane, S. Honda and M. Mine

113 Childhood Autism Rating Scale–Tokyo Version for screening pervasive developmental disorders H. Tachimori, H. Osada and H. Kurita

119 Suicide attempt and self-mutilation among Turkish high school students in relation with abuse, neglect and dissociation S. S. Zoroglu, U. Tuzun, V. Sar, H. Tutkun, H. A. Savas¸, M. Ozturk, B. Alyanak and M. E. Kora

Letter to the Editor

127 Association of low dose trazodone treatment with aggravated angle-closure glaucoma C.-U. Pae, C.-U. Lee, S.-J. Lee, C.-Lee and I.-H. Paik


S1 Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Biological Psychiatry

Volume 57, Number 2, April 2003

Review Article

129 Catatonia in childhood and adolescence K. Takaoka and T. Takata

Regular Articles

139 Nightmares and dissociative experiences: The key role of childhood traumatic events M. Y. Agargun, H. Kara, Ö. A. Özer, Y. Selvi, Ü. Kiran and S. Kiran

147 Structured intervention in family caregivers of the demented elderly and changes in their immune function T. Hosaka and Y. Sugiyama

153 Interleukin-10 gene promoter polymorphism is not associated with schizophrenia in the Korean population T.-Y. Jun, C.-U. Pae, K.-S. Kim, H. Han and A. Serretti

161 Factors affecting the family support system of patients with schizophrenia: A survey in the remote island of Tsushima Y. Hamada, Y. Ohta and Y. Nakane

169 Improvement of exploratory eye movements in schizophrenic patients during recovery period H. Nakayama, K. Morita, K. Mori, S. Hirai and H. Maeda

177 Suitable dose and duration of fluvoxamine administration to treat depression S. Morishita and S. Arita

183 Clinical efficacy of tandospirone augmentation in patients with major depressive disorder: A randomized controlled trial K. Yamada, G. Yagi and S. Kanba

189 Perception of self-physique and eating behavior of high school students in Japan Y. Nishizawa, K. Kida, K. Nishizawa, S. Hashiba, K. Saito and R. Mita

197 Three components of obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome T. Kumano-go, A. Mikami, N. Suganuma, H. Adachi, T. Watanabe, Y. Shigedo, Y. Sugita and M. Takeda

205 Immunohistochemical study of neuronal intranuclear and cytoplasmic inclusions in Machado–Joseph disease M. Hayashi, K. Kobayashi and H. Furuta

215 Childhood parental separation experiences and depressive symptomatology in acute major depression H. Takeuchi, T. Hiroe, T. Kanai, S. Morinobu, T. Kitamura, K. Takahashi and T. A. Furukawa

Short Communications

221 Long lasting impaired cerebral blood flow after ecstasy intoxication J. Finsterer, C. Stöllberger, C. Steger and A. Kroiss

227 Braille alexia during visual hallucination in a blind man with selective calcarine atrophy K. Maeda, H. Yasuda, M. Haneda and A. Kashiwagi

231 Validity of DQ as an estimate of IQ in children with autistic disorder H. Kurita, H. Osada, K. Shimizu and H. Tachimori

Letters to the Editor

235 The improvement of obsessive–compulsive symptoms in a patient with schizophrenia treated with clozapine S. Kumar, B. Ng and W. Howie

237 ‘Awakenings’ in demented patients K. Hori, T. Oda, I. Tominaga and T. Inada

239 School crisis intervention in the Ikeda incident: Organization and activity of the mental support team N. Motomura, M. Iwakiri, Y. Takino, Y. Shimomura and M. Ishibashi

241 Olanzapine and serotonin toxicity G. K. Isbister, F. Downes and I. M. Whyte


S33 The Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of Adolescent Psychiatry

Volume 57, Number 3, June 2003

Review Article

243 Biological predictors of lithium response in bipolar disorder A. Ikeda and T. Kato

Regular Articles

251 Influence of depressed mood on neuropsychologic performance in HIV-seropositive drug users E. Vázquez-Justo, M. Rodríguez Alvarez and M. J. Ferraces Otero

259 Discrepancy between subjective and objective sleep in patients with depression K. Tsuchiyama, H. Nagayama, K. Kudo, K. Kojima and K. Yamada

265 Sleep disturbances and depression in the elderly in Japan T. Sukegawa, M. Itoga, H. Seno, S. Miura, T. Inagaki, W. Saito, J. Uegaki, T. Miyaoka, I. Momose, K. Kasahara, R. Oshiro, Y. Shimizu, R. Yasukawa, T. Mihara, T. Maeda, S. Mizuno, K. Tsubouchi, Y. Inami and J. Horiguchi

271 Prenatal underdevelopment and schizophrenia: A case report of monozygotic twins H. Kunugi, T. Urushibara, R. M. Murray, S. Nanko and T. Hirose

275 Behavioral parent training for Taiwanese parents of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder H-L. Huang, C-C. Chao, C-C. Tu and P-C. Yang

283 Polymorphisms of interleukin-4 promoter and receptor gene for schizophrenia in the Korean population T-Y. Jun, K-U. Lee, C-U. Pae, J-H. Chae, W-M. Bahk, K-S. Kim and H. Han

289 Differences in emotional distress between breast tumor patients with emotional inhibition and those with emotional expression Y. Iwamitsu, K. Shimoda, H. Abe, T. Tani, M. Kodama and M. Okawa

295 Efficacy of open-system social skills training in inpatients with mood, neurotic and eating disorders M. Takahashi and K. Kosaka

303 Comparison of hangover effects among triazolam, flunitrazepam and quazepam in healthy subjects: A preliminary report T. Takahashi, Y. Okajima, T. Otsubo, J. Shinoda, M. Mimura, K. Nakagome and K. Kamijima

311 Bone marrow transplantation in subjects with mental disorders R. Akaho, T. Sasaki, M. Yoshino, K. Hagiya, H. Akiyama and H. Sakamaki

317 Effective open-label treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder with venlafaxine M-C. Hsiao and C-Y. Liu

323 Understanding personality traits from early life experiences T. Kitamura and S. Fujihara

Short Communications

333 Phenomenology of hallucinations: A factor analytic approach G. Singh, P. Sharan and P. Kulhara

337 Regional cerebral blood flow in delirium patients H. Yokota, S. Ogawa, A. Kurokawa and Y. Yamamoto

Letters to the Editor

341 Eating disorder with hyperthyroidism K. Nemoto, K. Mizukami, T. Mizuhiki and T. Asada

343 Plasma nitrate and nitrite levels of patients with eating disorders E. Suzuki, H. Mizushima, Y. Ono, M. Yokoyama and H. Miyaoka

345 Kami-shoyo-san is usually used for women M. Washio

Volume 57, Number 4, August 2003

Regular Articles

347 Characteristics of trees drawn by patients with paranoid schizophrenia H. Inadomi, G. Tanaka and Y. Ohta

353 Symmetry reversal in schizophrenia R. Kalb, G. Raydt, U. Reulbach and J. Kornhuber

361 Differences between patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and with chronic fatigue at an infectious disease clinic in Stockholm, Sweden B. Evengård, E. Jonzon, A. Sandberg, T. Theorell and G. Lindh

369 Two case studies of hypothermia induced by an increased dosage of zotepine in a combination therapy K. C. Chen, Y. K. Yang, P. S. Chen, T. L. Yeh and M. J. Yang

373 Correlation between performance on the Continuous Performance Test and economic costs in patients with schizophrenia S. Y. Ko, P. S. Chen, Y. K. Yang, Y. C. Liao, Y. D. Lee, T. L. Yeh and M. J. Yang

379 Factor structure of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire in the Japanese general adult population Y. Doi and M. Minowa

385 Multi-center study on post-ictal headache in patients with localization-related epilepsy M. Ito, N. Adachi, F. Nakamura, T. Koyama, T. Okamura, M. Kato, K. Kanemoto, T. Nakano, M. Matsuura and S. Hara

391 Auditory discrimination in female adolescents varying in schizotypal features: Preliminary findings C-S. R. Li, Y-Y. Yang, M-C. Chen, W. J. Chen and J-L. Liu

399 Tumor necrosis factor-α gene polymorphism at position –308 and schizophrenia in the Korean population C-U. Pae, J-H. Chae, W-M. Bahk, H. Han, T-Y. Jun, K-S. Kim, Y-S. Kwon and A. Serretti

405 Citalopram treatment of children and adolescents with obsessive–compulsive disorder: A preliminary report N. M. Mukaddes, O. Abali and N. Kaynak

409 Exploratory eye movements during the Benton Visual Retention Test: Characteristics of visual behavior in schizophrenia S. Obayashi, E. Matsushima, H. Ando, K. Ando and T. Kojima

417 Classification of frequency distributions of diagnostic criteria scores in twelve personality disorders by the curve fitting method I-K. Lyoo, T. Youn, T. H. Ha, H. S. Park and J. S. Kwon

425 Comparison of the prevalence of substance use and psychiatric disorders between government- and self-employed commercial drivers S-K. Lin, C-H. Lee, C-H. Pan and W-H. Hu

433 Determining vulnerability to schizophrenia in methamphetamine psychosis using exploratory eye movements T. Mikami, N. Naruse, Y. Fukura, H. Ohkubo, T. Ohkubo, M. Matsuura, H. Moriya, T. Nishikawa and T. Kojima

441 Reliability, validity and standardization of the Japanese version of the Social Adjustment Scale-Self Report Y. Suzuki, A. Sakurai, T. Yasuda, H. Harai, T. Kitamura, K. Takahashi and T. A. Furukawa

Short Communications

447 Vertical ophthalmoplegia in a demented patient with striatopallidodentate calcification Y. Watanabe, Y. Shimizu, K. Urakami, E. Matsushima and K. Nakashima

451 Sleep habits, excessive daytime sleepiness and school performance in high school students C. Shin, J. Kim, S. Lee, Y. Ahn and S. Joo

Letter to the Editor

455 Frontal lobe epilepsy with absence-like and secondarily generalized seizures S. Sakakibara, F. Nakamura, M. Demise, J. Kobayashi, Y. Takeda, N. Tanaka, T. Koyama and M. Ito

Volume 57, Number 5, October 2003

Regular Articles

457 Comorbidity in attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder T. Ishii, O. Takahashi, Y. Kawamura and T. Ohta

464 Study on feelings of school avoidance, depression, and character tendencies among general junior high and high school students S. Honjo, Y. Sasaki, H. Kaneko, K. Tachibana, S. Murase, T. Ishii, Y. Nishide and T. Nishide

472 Relationship between attention and arousal level in schizophrenia M. Nakamura, E. Matsushima, K. Ohta, K. Ando and T. Kojima

478 Olanzapine in Chinese treatment-resistant patients with schizophrenia: An open-label, prospective trial N. Y. Chiu, Y. K. Yang, P. S. Chen, C-C. Chang, I. H. Lee and J.-R. Lee

485 An intervention to improve the interrater reliability of clinical EEG interpretations H. Azuma, S. Hori, M. Nakanishi, S. Fujimoto, N. Ichikawa and T. A. Furukawa

490 Cognitive deterioration and changes of P300 during total sleep deprivation H.-J. Lee, L. Kim and K.-Y. Suh

497 Unipolar depression with bipolar family history: Links with the bipolar spectrum F. Benazzi

504 Mood stabilizers in hospitalized children with bipolar disorder: A retrospective review P. Davanzo, B. Gunderson, T. Belin, J.Mintz, C. Pataki, D. Ott, C. Emley-Akanno, N. Montazeri, J. Oppenheimer and M. Strober

511 Japanese version of the Body Attitude Test: Its reliability and validity A. Kashima, T. Yamashita, A. Okamoto, Y. Nagoshi, Y. Wada, T. Tadai and K. Fukui

517 Role of coping strategies and attitudes in mediating distress due to hallucinations in schizophrenia G. Singh, P. Sharan and P. Kulhara

523 Predictors of first-onset major depressive episodes among white-collar workers M. Tokuyama, K. Nakao, M. Seto, A. Watanabe and M. Takeda

532 Twelve month test–retest reliability of a Japanese version of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Personality Disorders A. Osone and S. Takahashi

Short Communications

539 Effects of circadian typology on sleep–wake behavior of air traffic controllers V. Natale, M. Martoni and P. Cicogna

542 Open pilot study of gabapentin versus trazodone to treat insomnia in alcoholic outpatients M. Karam-Hage and K. J. Brower

545 Mutation and association analysis of the DAP-1 gene with schizophrenia S. Aoyama, O. Shirakawa, H. Ono, T. Hashimoto, Y. Kajimoto and K. Maeda

Letters to the Editor

548 Visual and auditory hallucinations with excessive intake of paroxetine R. Kumagai, T. Ohnuma, T. Nagata and H. Arai

550 Transient lesion in the splenium of the corpus callosum, possibly due to carbamazepine H. Narita, T. Odawara, C. Kawanishi, I. Kishida, E. Iseki and K. Kosaka

552 Sulpiride for treatment of delusion of parasitosis T. Takahashi, H. Ozawa, S. Inuzuka, Y. Harada, T. Hanihara and N. Amano

554 Corrigendum


S37 Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Adolescent Psychotherapy

Volume 57, Number 6, December 2003

Regular Articles

555 Associated factors of rehospitalization among schizophrenic patients Y. Suzuki, S. Yasumura, A. Fukao and K. Otani

562 Schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease lead to equal motor-related changes in cortical and subcortical brain activation: An fMRI fingertapping study J. L. Müller, C. Deuticke, A. Putzhammer, C. H. Röder, G. Hajak and J. Winkler

569 Relationship between behavioral disturbances and characteristics of patients in special units for dementia K. Matsuoka, Y. Miyamoto, H. Ito and H. Kurita

575 Clinical importance of nightmare disorder in patients with dissociative disorders M. Y. Agargun, H. Kara, Ö. A. Özer, Y. Selvi, Ü. Kiran and B. Özer

580 Comparison of efficacy and safety between individualized and empiric dose regimen of amitriptyline in the treatment of major depressive episode G. S. Mihajlovic, D. R. Milovanovic and S. M. Jankovic

586 Family features in primary social withdrawal among young adults M. Suwa, K. Suzuki, K. Hara, H. Watanabe and T. Takahashi

595 Effects of an educational program on public attitudes towards mental illness G. Tanaka, T. Ogawa, H. Inadomi, Y. Kikuchi and Y. Ohta

Letters to the Editor

603 Donepezil-responsive alcohol-related prolonged delirium K. Hori, I. Tominaga, T. Inada, T. Oda, S. Hirai, I. Hori, M. Onaya and H. Teramoto

605 Rapid onset of dyskinesia induced by olanzapine I.-N. Yeh, S.-K. Lin, C.-J. Tsai and H.-C. Liu

607 ‘Drug holiday’ effects of tandospirone in a patient with Machado–Joseph disease A. Takei, T. Fukazawa, T. Hamada, I. Yabe and K. Tashiro

609 Somatization disorder and bradykinin K. Fukuda

610 Is temporal slow wave on EEG a useful diagnostic tool in vascular depression? E. Motomura, K. Inui, T. Shiroyama, M. Nakagawa, S. Nakase and Y. Okazaki

612 Corrigendum

614 Acknowledgements


S43 Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Biological Psychiatry

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