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Impact of haze from forest fire to respiratory health: Indonesian experience


  • Presented at the 4th APSR Workshop. This Workshop was held at the 39th Annual Meeting of Japan Respiratory Society, Yokohama City, March, 1999.

Correspondence: TjandraYoga Aditama, Pulmonology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Persahabatan General Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia


This paper will describe the impact on the human lung of haze from forest fires in Indonesia based on data collected from different provinces.

Methodology: Data were collected from personal reports from pulmonologists working in the area as well as from province/district health offices and hospitals.

Results: These data show that there was a significant impact of haze to the human lung. There was a significant increase in respiratory conditions, lung function complaints and other related impacts.

Conclusion: Further studies, especially cohort studies, should be undertaken so that the long-term impact of pollution from forest fires can be known.