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An integrated approach to symptom management


Correspondence address: Patricia J.Larson College of Nursing Art and Science, 13-71 Kitaoji-cho, Akashi-shi, Hyogo 673-8588, Japan. Email:


Symptom management is a challenging experience for patients, families and health-care professionals. When a person has a symptom that is troublesome and not being properly managed they may become so focused on that symptom that they cannot enjoy a good quality of life. Nurses know symptoms that are problematic for patients are usually problematic for nurses as well; however, not every nurse knows how to effectively manage patients’ symptoms. In response to these challenges, we propose an Integrated Approach to Symptom Management (IASM) that can be used for a variety of patient populations in an effective, efficient and consistent manner. The focus of the IASM is on the patient and is designed to be used by nurses to promote patient self-care symptom management abilities.