Watering private property wetlands in the Murray Valley, New South Wales


  • Deborah J. Nias,

  • Patricia Alexander,

  • Matthew Herring

  • Deborah Nias and Patricia Alexander are Project Officers for the NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group Inc. (PO Box 829. Albury NSW 2640 Australia. Tel. +61-2 60231822. Fax: +61-2 6041 4223. Email: dnias@dlwc.nsw.gov.au; talexander@dlwc.nsw.gov.au). Matthew Herring is a Wildlife Ecologist, located at Practical Ecological Solutions (555 Roper Street, Albury NSW 2640, Australia. Tel. +61-2 6023 6563. Email: brolgastudy@hotmail.com). from the Murray Wetlands Working Group recognition of the need to develop and implement well-researched, technically sound and community-endorsed management programs for wetlands.