Habitat selection by the small dasyurid Ningaui yvonneae (Marsupialia: Dasyuridae) in South Australia


*Corresponding author.


This study investigated the habitat preferences of Ningaui yvonneae, a small, nocturnal insectivorous marsupial of the semi-arid regions of southern Australia. Habitat composition was assessed at both the local (trapping grid) and trap scale. Multiple linear regression revealed a significant positive relationship between captures of N. yvonneae and the abundance of hummock grass (Triodia irritans) at the local scale. At the trap scale, the interaction between Triodia irritans and shrubs was found to be significant. This is thought to reflect the importance of the availability of cover to ningauis. Triodia was an essential component of that, probably because it affords greater protection from predators. This study provides quantitative habitat data that supports the contention of other studies that N. yvonneae has a strong positive association with Triodia spp.