State-dependent alternation of neuronal slow dynamics in the rat ventroposterior thalamic area


Dr K Takahashi, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, Fukushima Medical University, 1 Hikari-ga-oka, Fukushima, Japan. Email:


In head-restrained rats, spontaneous neuronal activities in the ventroposterior thalamic nuclei were recorded during slow wave sleep (SWS) and paradoxical sleep (PS). The slow dynamics of neuronal activity, represented by a power spectra in the range of 0.04–1.0 Hz, were white noise-like during SWS and 1/f noise-like during PS. The result was similar to that observed previously in other various brain areas in the cat. It supports our hypothesis that the state-dependent alternation of slow dynamics in the activity of the central processor neurons during sleep is common in different species.