• all-night respiration monitoring;
  • cerebral apoplexy;
  • dementia;
  • elderly people;
  • sleep apnea syndrome


We conducted all-night monitoring of elderly people who were admitted to our elderly health-care institution by using a new non-restraint respiration monitoring system. The monitoring system detects even the slightest respiratory movement of a sleeping person by means of a fiber grating optical sensor, without having any physical contact. A group of test subjects consisted of 25 dementia patients, 22 patients with cerebral apoplexy, and 18 non-dementia patients. We conducted an all-night monitoring with this system (a total of 372 times) and it was revealed that the incidence of sleep apnea syndrome in the elderly dementia patients and the elderly patients with cerebral apoplexy was extremely high compared with the incidence rate in the elderly non-dementia patients.