Long-term results after fracture of the fifth metatarsal


TomRingström Nielsen Sandbakken 27, 8270 Höjbjerg, Denmark.


Two hundred and one patients with 201 isolated fifth metatarsal fractures were treated in the period of January 1988 to June 1990 at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Aarhus University Hospital. The median age of the 102 women and 99 men was 32 years (range, 8–81). All patient files were reviewed and radiographs were re-examined and classified for epidemiological purposes. Follow-up was performed with a questionnaire enquiring about any sequelae. In all, 157 patients were available for follow-up with a mean follow-up time of 95 months (range, 78–109). The number of patients with persistent complaints ranged from 6% to 31%, with the highest percentage in the group with Jones’ fracture. Our data support the opinion, that the Jones’ fracture carries a high risk of long-term disability.